miércoles, 4 de julio de 2007

Loyalty…. is it delivering?

Research from arvato loyalty services reveals UK companies’ ability to realise ROI from their loyalty initiatives

New research from arvato loyalty services amongst 2,600 UK consumers has identified how much companies, by industry sector, are both investing in loyalty activity, and also seeing high customer satisfaction levels. The report reveals that the Retail and Automotive sectors topped the bill, both coming in at around 11% above average in their ability to realise return on investment from their loyalty initiatives. Whilst the financial services sectors, Credit Cards and General Insurers, came bottom of the table, around 35% below average. Respondents were asked which sector they believed to offer the highest customer satisfaction and engagement levels, in comparison to six other major industries — Credit Card, Automotive, Retail, Travel & Holidays, Mobile Telecoms and General Insurance. After the Retail and Automotive sectors came Travel & Holidays and Mobile sectors, scoring around the average for loyalty capabilities.

Fuente: CRM Today

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